Since its launch in 1962, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) has been a French luxury brand that has set urban-style trends. Allure Beauty is now introducing YSL perfumes, the symbol of luxury, in Pakistan. Discover a diverse range of scents because YSL has something to suit everyone's preferences. Enjoy the luxury of YSL perfumes and fragrances at Allure Beauty, which is now exclusively available in Pakistan at value pricing.

From the timeless Opium to the modern La Nuit, YSL perfumes are renowned for their unique and luxurious scents. YSL has been creating classic fragrances that will transport you to a different world. Every YSL perfume is made with the finest quality ingredients and features a unique mix of floral and musky notes. Indulge in inspiring fragrances and delight yourself with scents that range from light and airy to mysterious and seductive. Allow YSL's incredible selection of fragrances to captivate and delight your senses.

What's YSL Perfume Price in Pakistan?

You will find that YSL perfume prices in Pakistan vary depending on your choices, but one thing is for sure, at Allure Beauty, you will find the best value price. We understand that luxury should be accessible to everyone and strive to bring you the best prices on the market.

The YSL Mon Paris perfume is a must-have for all women because of its captivating scent and elegant aroma. This YSL perfume is available at Allure Beauty for Rs. 18,000. And for men, YSL Y Le Perfume is a perfect blend of masculinity and luxury, available for Rs. 35,000.

Best YSL Perfume Price for Women in Pakistan

At Allure Beauty, keep it easy and order our YSL perfume picks for 2023. YSL Manifesto for Women is a mix of woody and vanilla. This fragrance stands out as a representation of womanhood. The price of this YSL perfume is Rs. 29,000 at the value price available in our retail store and online.

Your new everyday signature, the YSL Black Opium perfume for women, is Allure Beauty's second pick for a smooth, sensual scent that feels like a heavenly white flower. This YSL perfume is available at Rs. 27,000. Lastly, our 2023 pick is YSL Libre Intense for Women. Libre means free. Let that be your new year's resolution. It's for lavender lovers with a hinge of orange, orchid, and warm vanilla. Allure Beauty brings you the best of YSL perfumes for a long-lasting sensual twist in your life. This YSL floral fragrance is for Rs. 32,000.

Because of varying scents and bottle sizes, YSL perfume prices in Pakistan differ from each other.

Best YSL Perfumes Price for Men in Pakistan

In YSL perfumes for men, we pick the power of sophistication with YSL Y, a fragrance that blends woody and spicy scents and is the ideal fragrance for the modern man. Experience the luxury of YSL through Allure Beauty. You'll find YSL Y perfume available for Rs. 35,000.

Enhance your natural elegance and refinement with YSL L'Homme Intense, our second pick for the modern man. This long-lasting fragrance blends spicy, woody, and floral scents to create a confident aroma. Available at a value price of Rs. 20,000 at Allure Beauty, don't miss your chance to set your scents straight this year.

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