Top 5 Easy Application Temporary Eyelashes

Temporary eyelashes can change your makeup game by adding definition and volume to your face. Lush and healthy lashes have always been in fashion and in high demand. You can image why. Sometimes your full makeup look feels like it's missing something. Stick in false lashes and you look feels complete! Whether you have thin or thick lashes, you will want to get that doll look for your day out. But if you have a hard time with the application, here are the top 5 picks for the easiest ones at Allure Beauty!

Why People Love Lashes?

The appearance of healthy lashes can be easily achieved with false ones. They come in various fun styles and sizes to take your makeup to the next level. They are often made of synthetic fibers, human hair, or mink fur. The best part about lashes is that you can change the style whenever you want too. They complement every makeup look you apply. You can choose the length and thickness you want.

Eyelashes Price in Pakistan

The average eyelashes price in Pakistan is Rs. 200 to Rs. 4000. Our market research found that this big difference in price is because of quality, brand, and style. We know how low-price lashes are only reusable 2-3 times. So Allure Beauty went on a hunt to find the best price of eyelashes in Pakistan for you and also in the highest quality. According to our finding, quality and long-lasting eyelashes price in Pakistan is lowest from Rs. 1400 to Rs. 4000 at Allure Beauty.

Types of Eyelashes

Lighter lashes are often used casually, whereas heavy ones are for a full glam moment. Normal lashes are often bought with eyelash glue and their durability depends on the quality of the glue. The latest trend of magnetic eyelashes has simplified the process more. They have become so easy to apply. All you have to do is top off your false lashes with a coat of mascara to ensure a natural finish.

Which Eyelashes Would Suit Me?

A good pair of eyelashes is a solid investment because they are reusable. The first step is to identify why you want to buy them. If you want lashes that have a subtle flair and can be applied every day, then you can opt for multiple single pieces of Mud Eyelash 202. With these lashes, you can add volume as you want. If it is a special occasion or your bold makeup seems to be lacking, then opt for heavier slices of lashes. For such occasions, women love Vipera Black fake lashes.

Different shapes of lashes suit different eye shapes. Hooded eyes require false lashes that are heavier towards the middle and lighter at the ends. While applying the lashes, you can even cut the ends to make them smaller if you want more control while placing them. While removing these lashes, it is important to clean off any glue residue left on them if you intend to reuse them later. After use, dip them into lukewarm water for long-term use.

Price for Eyelashes in Pakistan

Allure Beauty has lashes for every type of eye shape and for every instance. Whatever may be your look, you’ll find it right here. We don’t just choose a product to sell. Makeup and skin experts at Allure Beauty research quality and price first and then bring the top best options to you. The eyelashes collection at Allure includes single pieces of lashes as well as stripes. The price for eyelashes in Pakistan that will last you a long time is from Rs. 1400 to Rs. 4000. Hence, you can find your perfect false lashes in your budget with us. Some of the best sellers available right now are:

  • Ardell Magnetic Lashes Natural is for Rs. 700
  • Lurella 3D Mink Eyelash is for Rs. 1440
  • Mud Eyelash is Rs.1620
  • Flaunt and Flutter Eyelash-Huggable is for Rs. 1930
  • Vipera Black Fake Eyelash is for Rs. 3192

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