Beauty Blender

Why Beauty Blender Is Known To Be The Miracle Tool?

The beauty blender has become a need in every makeup routine. Be it your every day or a full glam, it all begins with the beauty blender. Allure Beauty went on another spree to source the best beauty blenders for you and at a value price! You deserve to get that perfect blend in your foundation without having to spend a lot of money.

When it comes to applying foundation, concealer, contour, and highlight, a blending tool will save your life. This unique egg-shaped and soft design was made for smooth application. Not to mention an airbrush finish.

How Is It Different Than Traditional Sponges And Brushes?

The beauty blender's power to give a finish that is like an airbrush is one of its most noteworthy qualities. Its unique design helps guarantee your foundation is evenly spread without any undesirable lines or spots, in contrast with traditional sponges or brushes. This is essential for people with dry or textured skin in particular. Because the wet application method helps avoid the foundation from sticking to dry spots or exaggerating wrinkles.

These egg-shaped lifesavers comes with a long life. It can last for several months with proper care and occasional washing, making it an affordable purchase. Allure Beauty brings you beauty blenders that are appropriate for all skin types. You may feel at ease while achieving your favorite makeup look thanks to the anti-allergic material's assurance of a gentle and irritation-free application.

Tips for Your Everyday

While you can be creative and use makeup and makeup tools as you want, but here are some tips and tricks to achieve the best result on your skin.

It depends on your skin, but most people use the beauty blender dry. But did you know that wetting it does the trick? The creator of this miracle tool came up with “Wet. Squeeze. Bounce.” which means that applying with a wet blender will leave your flawless. Whether your foundation is powder or liquid, beauty blenders will do the smoothening trick.

Beauty Blender Price in Pakistan

You will find that the price of beauty blender in Pakistan varies depending on quality. If you notice low quality beauty blenders will wear out in a couple of weeks. Allure Beauty is not up for such a blender! Make up has to be flawless and that means you need a good blender. A high quality one will last you months and maybe years. The lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 1300 to highest price of Rs. 7000.

Here’s how Allure Beauty ranks the best quality and value:

  • Beauty Blender Original Makeup Sponge is for Rs. 5246
  • Beauty Blender Shadeshifter Color Changing Makeup Sponge is for Rs. 7020
  • Flaunt N Flutter Beauty Blender is for Rs. 1375
  • Beauty Blender the Original Makeup Sponge is for Rs. 3365

Who Created This Miracle?

Rea Ann Silva, a well-known Hollywood makeup artist, transformed how we applied makeup in 2002, which is when the beauty blender's amazing history begins. Silva developed a special sponge after becoming unhappy with the makeup tools already available on the market. It could smoothly blend base and produce a beautiful finish. Since its release, this ground-breaking tool has revolutionized the cosmetics industry and gained a devoted following among fans and pros of makeup all over the world.

Now, Allure Beauty wants to do the same by passing on this wonder to you. Our goal is to research each and every product we offer you. Not just in terms of price but also in quality. So, you can find all your favorite makeup brands, makeup tools with us to get your summer looks glowy and balanced!

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