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Stunning Makeup Looks With NYX Pakistan

With NYX Pakistan, you can get your hands on professional-grade makeup. NYX makeup is known to be affordable, which aligns with Allure Beauty’s mission. We are all for budget-minded quality makeup. The good news is that with NYX Pakistan, now you have easy access to all your cosmetic needs. NYX Pakistan includes foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, powder, highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, liner, lip gloss, and whatnot. Whether you're looking for everyday makeup go-to's or something for a glamorous outing, NYX Pakistan has you covered. You don't even have to go out to buy, Allure Beauty will deliver it to you.

NYX cosmetics are vegan, meaning natural ingredients are used to make products. It is also a brand that stands by no cruelty. This means that the brands are not tested on animals and do not use animal ingredients, like beeswax. In case you are a vegan buyer, you can get the best price of NYX in Pakistan online, without having to wait for it at a store. Our market researchers at Allure Beauty work to find the value price of your favorite brands. So, NYX Pakistan is brought to you with value in mind for you. You deserve world-class makeup with easy access, to your door without breaking your finances.

Smooth Magic of NYX Lipsticks

NYX lipsticks are known for a wide color range and long-lasting formula. NYX has lipsticks that are velvety matter to stunning glosses. You will find classic reds, vibrant pinks and berries, nude shades, and even colors like purple! NYX lipsticks have intense pigmentation, which allows long-lasting wear. If you want to try something fun, go for:

  • NYX Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Lipstick for Rs. 3280.

This lipstick is not just one. You can also use it as a quick blush. To accompany this, you can always keep:

  • NYX Shine Loud Pro Pigment Lip Shine for Rs. 4830.

NYX Pakistan is here to take care of your everyday looks, office touch-ups, and formal days or nights.

Get That Poreless Feel With NYX Foundations

NYX foundations are made to give you that poreless, flawless feel. You can get lightweight formulas for extra coverage. NYX allows your skin looking to be radiant and healthy. No cakier looks because with NYX Pakistan you get to have an easy, smooth application. That too, on a budget! At Allure Beauty, some of over customer-favorites NYX foundations are:

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 24Hr foundation is for price Rs. 3970. This foundation is exactly what you need to avoid a cakey look. It's full coverage but does not feel heavy or leave patches. It is also perfect for Pakistan's hot weather. If you have an oily skin, Can't Stop Won't Stop NYX foundation will control your oil all day long. And you don't have to worry about breakouts. Your skin can breathe. If you have dry skin, this one may not be for you.

Some tips on getting the best out of your NYX foundation:

  • You must prime your skin to help your foundation application last comfortably throughout the day. This step is also important to prevent creasing.
  • Use a setting powder to help your skin set it in place.

You'll find NYX Total Control Drop Foundation for Rs. 4600 at Allure Beauty. Total Control is a light base that blends easy on your skin. If you're someone with dry skin, you get to have a natural finish with this NYX foundation. Here's how you should apply it:

  • Moisturize first, then use a pea size drop to build your foundation. You always use more for more coverage.
  • Use a damp beauty blender to let it set on your skin.
  • Set with powder to avoid creasing.

NYX Cosmetics With NYX Pakistan

There is more to NYX Pakistan than lipsticks and foundations. You will find that NYX cosmetics will cover all your needs. People love NYX cosmetics all over the world for its affordability, quality, and variety. Most users, as Allure Beauty surveyed, have been using NYX cosmetics for years. The brand's liquid lipsticks and eyeliners are one of the tops that never disappoint anyone.

Some of the best NYX cosmetics are:

  • Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation
  • Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Waterproof Epic Ink Liner
  • Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette
  • Blush in Taupe

From mesmerizing eyeshadow colors to bold eyeliners and subtle blushes, with NYX Pakistan you can let your imagination run wild.

Most Favorite NYX Makeup For Eyes

The name NYX sort of inspires you to create a look that shows your personality. With NYX Pakistan, you can start doing different eyes every day! If you're new, here's an NYX makeup combination usually bought together:

  • NYX Ultimate Edit Shadow Palette Bright for Rs. 3680
  • NYX Professional Makeup Precision Eyebrow Pencil for Rs. 2940
  • Nyx Worth The Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara for Rs. 2880
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil for Rs. 2250

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